Dave Humphreys 40377618_10160830195900693_2039539931461713920_oI am the person behind the concept of the Birkenhead2020 Project. The idea came to me late in 2019 as a way to curate a collection of photographs of Birkenhead, to give future generations the opportunity to see what every street in Birkenhead looked like in 2020 – a snapshot in time of the town through the course of a year. I am a resident of Birkenhead and I  am a professional photographer ( and thought that this would be a good use of my down-time and hopefully to inspire people to go out and photograph their street or area to add to the archive.

Jean-Pierre Magloire_Profile PicJean-Pierre Magloire I studied photography at Birkenhead Sixth-form College in Claughton village 25 years ago. I went on to study for a Media studies B.A. a couple of years later. I have photographed many events in the voluntary & community sector for 15 years and also spent a little time on nature photography. Now, I am a keen local history photographer building an image archive, most recently specializing in Mersey maritime subjects.

IMG_5221cropPeter Weston I am a retired Electronics Engineer who enjoys taking photographs (I started with a Brownie 127!) and investigating family history. I have lived in the area all my life and have been taking pictures of the Birkenhead I remember for a few years now. I find it alarming to see so much has disappeared; even things I saw being built. That is why I am anxious to support the Birkenhead2020 project in recording a snap-shot of the town as it is today for future generations.

Thanks also to Philip Brookes, Rob Orr, Rob Goulding & Stephen Carrigan.

Join Us! If you’d like to join our team of voluntary contributors please contact us using the form below so we can let you know the technical and aesthetic requirements. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder for a reply if you don’t see it – I usually reply within 24 hours. Submitted photographs will be vetted and approved before being added to the site. Thanks!

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